Necromancers – Abilities and powers

Necromancer-Master of the Void
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Abilities and Powers of a Necromancer.

Necromancers are beings that can live in and out of death while maintaining a physical living state. Because they are fully alive with the ability to peer into the dead they also can communicate and raise dead entities such as ghosts and poltergeists. Necromancers of today are very rare and hardly none. Many of the other abilities for a necromancer are:

Spell-casting: Necromancers can cast all kinds of spells. Necromancers are swift with curses, but they can heal too. Healing is a thing that very few spell casters can do. Healing takes a technique that very few occult masters can withstand. To name a few that can heal; Priests, Necromancers, Which Doctors and Shaman. Others can do very little but the named are the main do-it-alls. Necromancers can also cast protection spells on to items to make charms out of them or they can cast curses upon Items to make it a pedgale (Charm meant to do harm). Necromancers can also create air-bound protection or trap magic like wards or boundaries. Many can also defuse or un-trap souls and snatch them up from the souls body. Necromancers power and energy is stronger then any witch or warlock.

Communicating with the dead: Necromancers are not dead or even half dead but they walk the realm where only the dead can walk. Necromancers are able to communicate with the dead to gain structural evidence, Information from another time-line far before his/her time or information of anything for that matter. Necromancers have been around since before the days of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. Necromancers are of specialty now since they have dwindled to about nothing over the many hundreds of thousands of years.

Raising the dead: It is only said to happen in the history of the Necromancer but since the word Necromancer means ‘Manipulating the dead’ in Latin/Greek Latin, you could assume that the ability to raise the dead might be there. It is modern knowledge, however, that the Necromancer can indeed help a spirit or ghost show him/herself during a ghost hunt or for any reason. The necromancer is also perfectly Ideal for an exorcism however non in history that we know of has attempted.

Demonology: The Necromancer is very common with demons. They follow the Necromancers around like flies. Irritating as demons are they can also be used for useful purposes. Such as:

Succubus: the succubus demon is a demon of lust and carnage. She can seduce anyone and make them fight for her. Then when the demon is done with the seduced, she maims the victim.

Impaliatorum: Otherwise known as an ‘imp’ they are small creatures but very powerful. They are fire demons and take after the look of what humans have deduced the devil to look like in most occasions.Imps are also changelings and can change in shape and size when needed. There are several protection spells that can be created when the imp in under the command of a Necromancer. There are hundreds of Fire spells that can be created with an imp under the command of a necromancer.

Frostmiene: These are Frost Demons more then likely the kind that take shape as a yeti or lot-ness. When Under the command and control of a Necromancer a frostmiene can be a very dangerous ally against the necromancers enemies.


~ by Travis R. Hilkey on 10/31/2010.

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