Curses – Physical

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Physical Curses

Physical Curses are of some of the most painful and mentally taxing of them all. A physical curse will alter your physical being until you either commit suicide or the curse runs it’s toll. Curses are apart of the Affliction Spell Casting. An item of personal connection would have to be used many of those Items can be:

Hair – A lock of someones hair is the best because the connection started when you were born and has been with you all your life. Your hair also has the same nutrients and minerals that are inside your body. The connection is strong and holds great useful power and energy.

Jewelry – Jewelry is a great way only if the jewelry belonged to the target for more then 10% of the targets life. Any less and the curse will jump to the previous owner. Many Empathic’ s and Necromancers use jewelry to summon and read.  Also Soul Reavers use jewelry to extract souls from their targets. Rings are a good jewelry to use when casting but it is difficult at best when trying to make it for the target.

Photographs – Photos are a great way too because the capture a moment in time and leave and imprint on a parchment. The handlers of this document are keeping the energy in. With the energy entrapped into the photo the curse would have an interesting effect. The curse would also be stronger since the energy would be older and more focused.

Those are only to name a few you can use anything as long as it has a personal connection with the target. Many curses are used to alter physical being to bring madness to the target. In some cases the target will get mutated in some way that would cause others to put down the target enough that the cursed would put an end to their life through sheer depression. There are others that will alter the shape of other in side the cursed mind making them think that there are always monsters or ghouls trying to kill them.  This sort of curse is common among Necromancers. They thrive on watching a human go mad. A Necromancer, however, can do it without ritual or prayer. A Necromancer can place the fear of God in you just by silently looking into your eyes. This is done by using a dread stare to open up the mind a little and then placing images or thoughts into your head byway of manipulation.

Silent manipulation as he normally won’t say much. Necromancers are very difficult to spot. and so is his/her curse. A Necromancer doesn’t play with candles or toys or rituals when he/she lays a curse. It is strictly all in the energy and the ability to manipulate the brain wave patterns and alter them and send them back. Some of the curses that a Necromancer can do do actually require some props and ritual.


Necromancers – Abilities and powers

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Necromancer-Master of the Void
Recycle your pets, It is only nice.

Abilities and Powers of a Necromancer.

Necromancers are beings that can live in and out of death while maintaining a physical living state. Because they are fully alive with the ability to peer into the dead they also can communicate and raise dead entities such as ghosts and poltergeists. Necromancers of today are very rare and hardly none. Many of the other abilities for a necromancer are:

Spell-casting: Necromancers can cast all kinds of spells. Necromancers are swift with curses, but they can heal too. Healing is a thing that very few spell casters can do. Healing takes a technique that very few occult masters can withstand. To name a few that can heal; Priests, Necromancers, Which Doctors and Shaman. Others can do very little but the named are the main do-it-alls. Necromancers can also cast protection spells on to items to make charms out of them or they can cast curses upon Items to make it a pedgale (Charm meant to do harm). Necromancers can also create air-bound protection or trap magic like wards or boundaries. Many can also defuse or un-trap souls and snatch them up from the souls body. Necromancers power and energy is stronger then any witch or warlock.

Communicating with the dead: Necromancers are not dead or even half dead but they walk the realm where only the dead can walk. Necromancers are able to communicate with the dead to gain structural evidence, Information from another time-line far before his/her time or information of anything for that matter. Necromancers have been around since before the days of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt. Necromancers are of specialty now since they have dwindled to about nothing over the many hundreds of thousands of years.

Raising the dead: It is only said to happen in the history of the Necromancer but since the word Necromancer means ‘Manipulating the dead’ in Latin/Greek Latin, you could assume that the ability to raise the dead might be there. It is modern knowledge, however, that the Necromancer can indeed help a spirit or ghost show him/herself during a ghost hunt or for any reason. The necromancer is also perfectly Ideal for an exorcism however non in history that we know of has attempted.

Demonology: The Necromancer is very common with demons. They follow the Necromancers around like flies. Irritating as demons are they can also be used for useful purposes. Such as:

Succubus: the succubus demon is a demon of lust and carnage. She can seduce anyone and make them fight for her. Then when the demon is done with the seduced, she maims the victim.

Impaliatorum: Otherwise known as an ‘imp’ they are small creatures but very powerful. They are fire demons and take after the look of what humans have deduced the devil to look like in most occasions.Imps are also changelings and can change in shape and size when needed. There are several protection spells that can be created when the imp in under the command of a Necromancer. There are hundreds of Fire spells that can be created with an imp under the command of a necromancer.

Frostmiene: These are Frost Demons more then likely the kind that take shape as a yeti or lot-ness. When Under the command and control of a Necromancer a frostmiene can be a very dangerous ally against the necromancers enemies.


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Pronunciation: \ˈma-jik\

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English magique, from Middle French, from Latin magice, from Greek magikē, feminine of magikos, magian, magical, from magos magus, sorcerer, of Iranian origin; akin to Old Persian maguš, sorcerer
Date: 14th century

1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces b : magic rites or incantations
2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source b : something that seems to cast a spell : enchantment
3 : the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand

Magic has been misinterpreted for many centuries. Magic is used and controlled simply by understanding the powers of your own anatomy, how to wield and focus the energy around you and lastly how to make a rabbit disappear in front of an audience. These are all ways we use magic. But what is magic? Is it the force of energy around us or the ability to use it? It is still hard to tell what it is. In the 14th century many believed that it is the work of the devil to practice magic, but we have since realized that even a Christian or Catholic can do it. Magic is nothing more then focusing and manipulating the energy around us and performing illusions. Why is magic so hard to believe in?

In today’s economic system we have things that do just that. Performing illusions (Magic trick sets, Oddworld items, Wripply’s Believe it or Not magic trick sets, Card trick, Magicians) creating a fun and adventurous  excitement for us all. Some economic inventions redesign gravity or use polar light to function or use the very energies we have all around us all the time. To see these items and performers creating something using the energy around and in them is not an uncommon occurrence. We see it all the time. So when we see a witch use “magic” to cure a charm or a “psychic” read your mind or emotions, why is it so unbelievable?

Many people use magic some don’t even know they do it. Like for example; have you ever been in a small group talking and you think of something to say suddenly but someone already beat you to it? This is a common event I call brainwave entanglement. It is an accidental event but when someone else is talking some people are extremely into the conversation to the point that they practically become the conversation in their heads or physically.  This generates and uses a lot of energy. This energy will get excited and extrude out of this person. Even if the person himself/herself is just sitting in the corner on a chair with his/her arms crossed not saying anything, the emotional energy surrounding that person will become hyperactive. This can be picked up by Empaths, psychics and witches. You may pick it up and not think you are either of them and that is normal too. Because empathy is a gift given to everyone some are just more in tune with theirs.

Unconscious Telekinetic Energy (UTE)

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Up Apple Up!

The Unconscious

The unconscious works wonders in many ways. It is weird and sometimes scary to think what it can do. Just think, if a small couch can be lifted by your subconscious and your unconscious is more open then that, imagine what you can lift while your sleeping. Many have done the impossible while asleep. Some can control it and manipulate it while sleeping. Others don’t even know they are doing anything at all. Have you ever laid down and closed your eyes then got the sudden feeling you were falling? Then you jerk  awake and it was morning already? You feel tired and drained because it felt like you just closed your eyes and all of a sudden it is morning. Just like a snap of a finger. This is the Unconscious state of mind. This state is very dangerous for you and others if you can’t control it. Many have the ability to keep it in control and don’t know it. Normally self control is what will hold danger at bay while in this state.

If we were to let our Unconscious control us or if we could open our unconscious while conscious we could tap into so many unseen things and grids. The Grey Realm wouldn’t seem so Paranormal, Magic would be a common practice, Witches and Warlocks would be trained in schools and so many more probabilities. The mind is a very powerful thing and many can use it to do evil and good. Naturally, humans have the desire for good , However, there are others that wish do dwell in Evil. Which I am neither for or against. So please take this stuff to your own realm. Do as you wish with the information (Tell a friend, do good deeds, evil deeds, show off etc…), just don’t sell this information. That is punishable by law and all that magic.

Paranormal Activity

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What is Paranormal Activity?

Paranormal Activity is happening all the time. The Paranormal is the world or realm that exists between life and death. It is often referred to as the gray area. Or some like to call it “The Grey.” Paranormal activity is the active events and movements of this realm. Most only see glimpses of it and call it paranormal activity. (Like that stupid movie called Paranormal Activity) Like in the movie. They only saw events that only lasted a few minutes. Our world is always changing. New things replacing old things and time ticking away. Every day even back in the Cretaceous Period the Dinosaurs did things over and over drank in the same water ponds every day. Walked the same path for food. Today we do this just the same.

Energy dumps happen 60,000 times a minute and we don’t even realize it. Your body works similar to that of a car. Your soul is the energy source and with every energy source it has to get rid of the old no good energy so it can produce new good energy. This causes a burn in the paranormal. This burn also acts as a track for your soul when you die. Your energy source will leave your body and run loops in the areas that you were playing events over and over again in a single area. Though you can’t see it sometime people can pick things up in electronics. This is because electronic equipment can attract a fresh or old soul as it is also an energy source. This electronic item basically acts as a relief for the Paranormal burn track your soul was riding before and it enters into the Item somewhere creating a blotch on the lens, a whispering quote, a blood curdling screech or whatever.

Impression – Gathering

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Gathering Impressions

This is a technique used with Empathic Psychics. It is the act of reading the impression left behind by a change in one emotion or event that leads to another. This is usually how the Empathic aid in solving mysteries or Unsolved Cases. Many psychics can read them but Empathic Psychics are more in-tune to receiving the Impressions. Empathic Psychics can sense things such as emotions, changes in emotions, births, deaths, auras, and even desires. An Empathic can feel your emotions as if they were his/hers. But the Empathic, if they know how to work it, can generate a feeling direction. If the emotion only seems to be coming from in front of you then it is an emotion from someone in front of you. and same for all other directions. Now if you get closer to it and it gets stronger the empathic can figure out, from reading the people around the area of effect,who the emotion is coming from.

Emotions are a great thing if your not an Empathic. Though it seems like it would be a great ability to have it is also very stressful and tiring. To feel everyone’s emotions twenty four hours a day and seven days a week plus your own on top can be pretty taxing.

Impressions of time

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Spiritual impressions are one of the very rare things that people talk about when it comes to the paranormal. Spiritual impressions are the highest energy source to speak of today. Empaths and psychics have the ability to draw upon them and read the event. As a living being of nature, humans have an energy that is pressed into an impression in the plate of time. This happens when the emotions of another changes or is forcefully altered.

Lets use Empaths and a murder for example. Say an investigator is an empath, and is investigating a murder case. He can feel this impression that was left behind by the altered emotion of the killer from calm to angry or from the murdered from calm to frightened (this is only an example obviously there are hundreds of emotional possibilities). Because of this impression the investigator can feel the difference between the area that the killer was standing at by feeling for the sense of the aggression. Then he can sense the area of murder (Quite obvious from the dead body on the floor, but maybe the killer dragged the body from one place to the other or maybe there was a struggle that moved around) from the emotion of fear and anxiety. The investigator could also sense the emotion of feeling the killer may have had toward the dead and visa versa.